Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Esta es la última preparación del transformador Aleman JVB MOTO y que ha tenído la amabilidad de mandarnos las fotos de esta moto preparada sobre la base de un motor Yamaha y la cual tiene un aspecto muscle muy conseguido.A continuacion os dejo la definición de esta KEDO segun JVB MOTO.

Jens vom Brauck and KEDO, the German tuning and parts specialists, have taken an everyday Yamaha SR 500 and gone back to the  roots.The bike looks lean, mean and low - it looks  fast. It could be a mutant cross between a 60's desert racer and Kenny Robert's 70's flat  track bike. The black rims, the machined alloy  swinger, the Wilbers shocks, the high-up exhaust  and big carb with an open filter – it has a raw  competition look, but it isn't intimidating - it  looks like a bike you could get on and pull a wheelie straight away.It looks like you could have fun on it going to the shops.